Advice On The Purchase and Care of Furniture

The furniture in a home says a lot about the personality of the owner. This means you need to get the right furniture for you. Here is how to go about making sure that happens.

1. Determining A Good Mattress – A good mattress should sink a bit when you lie on it. It should not be a grand canyon after you get up. Otherwise, go by feel after laying down on it for 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Leather Furniture Warranties – When buying leather furniture, ask about warranties. This is one time you want to buy the warranty. Leather repairs can be pricey.

3. Hard and Soft Wood – One would think a hardwood is better than a softwood. This is not really the case.

4. Coil Mattress Guidelines – With coil mattresses, the more coils there are, the better. 540 is usually the top count and an excellent mattress.

5. Buying New Furniture Strategy – Much like the chicken and the egg quandary, should you buy all your furniture at once or piece by piece In general, going slowly is the better choice.

6. Soft Aniline Leather – If you really want to go with luxury leather furniture, look for aniline leather. It is the best and softest. Nap time will never be so good nor will reading a book.

7. Stripping Furniture Finish – If you are a do it yourself kind of person, you need to know what you are getting into. Stripping the finish off furniture sometimes does not get rid of the color. Make sure you know before spending the time.

8. Heating Vents and Leather – Do not place your leather furniture around heating vents. They will dry the leather out.

9. Hiding Furniture Scratches – Scratches in your furniture can be absolutely maddening. Ah, but you can hide them. Try a padding lacquer.

10. Potpourri and Furniture – As strange as it may sound, potpourri will destroy the finish on your furniture. Don’t even sit the bag on it.

An important thing to remember is there is no reason you have to commit to a purchase right now. You can take your time. Many people will purchase pieces over months instead of all at once.

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